Study review on utilizing diet breaks to improve fat loss efficiency and fight off weight regain

Study Reviewed: Intermittent energy restriction improves weight loss efficiency in obese men: the MATADOR study

Today I wanted to breakdown a rather popular study from a few years back that is often known as the MATADOR study.

MATADOR is an acronym that stands for Minimizing Adaptive Thermogenesis And Deactivating Obesity…

In an ocean of weight loss rebounds, what do weight loss maintainers have in common?

Even as a coach, I still struggle with with weight loss maintence.

Have you ever lost any weight in your life? If you’ve struggled with your weight, I bet you have.

I have struggled with my weight since I was in grade 3. In fact, I went on my first diet at age 13 where I would lose 60 pounds.

Above, you…

What Uber Eats can teach us about behaviour change.

I don’t know about you, but having to retype my payment info in is a great way for me to realize it’s not worth the effort.

Do you remember how hard it used to be to order food? The contrast in effort from ordering food today to ordering food even 10 years ago is a worldly difference.

Imagine picking up the telephone, calling your favourite restaurant, placing the order verbally and then having to physically pay…

Study review on differing amounts of exercise and subsequent weight loss

Some happy looking folks given’er on the airdyne bike

Study Reviewed: Changes in Weight, Waist Circumference and Compensatory Responses with Different Doses of Exercise among Sedentary, Overweight Postmenopausal Women

Today I’m covering a paper on differing levels of exercise dosage and changes in weight loss.

This is something I do every Friday on our five-elements newsletter. …

Simple, beneficial and highly accessible, does it get any better?

My partner and I out for a stroll in the woods. The best kind of light activity.

Do you track your steps? I bet you either do or have been told you should at some point in recent history.

Talk about daily steps and general fitness tracking has exploded over the last few years.

Virtually everyone I know has or has had either a fitbit, an apple…

Dylan Dacosta

I am a personal trainer and online coach from Toronto, Ontario. If you like our writing, check out our website!

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